Looking for a space to make music and to get inspired?

You can book Kobra’s music studios easily online for an affordable rate. All you need with you is a laptop geared for recording.

If you’re already committed to working on your music for the long term, you can become a member of Kobra and come to the studio 24/7.

Book Easily Online

Rent music studios in Helsinki on an hourly basis with or without an engineer.

1 Hour


Rent one of our studios for an hour without an engineer. Payment before before your session begins.

3 Hours


Rent one of our studios for three hours without an engineer to save 5€ for each hour. Payment before before your session begins.

6 Hours


Rent one of our studios for six hours without an engineer to save 10€ for each hour. Payment before your session begins.

In addition to the studio spaces, we offer help in songwriting, recording, production, mixing and mastering.

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Exclusive Memberships

A shared music studio in Helsinki allows you to cut costs when you don't need a studio daily, but you are constantly in need of a recording and songwriting space.



Access to Kobra 24/7

14 day cancellation period

Switch to a long-term agreement any time

Access to Lounge area



Access to Kobra 24/7

12-month fixed-term agreement

30 day cancellation period

Access to Lounge area



Access to Kobra from Monday to Friday

12-month fixed-term agreement

30 day cancellation period

Access to Lounge area

Pay a year in advance and receive a 10% discount for the total price. All membership plans have a 50€ opening fee. Extra access cards for additional users of the membership can be purchased for an exra 20€ per month.

Why Get a Studio Membership?

Traditionally music studios are expensive and rented out on an hourly basis. Kobra's monthly rental studios allow you to utilise professional equipment and acoustically treated rooms continuously without breaking the bank.

Fully Geared

Our studios are geared with professional audio equipment and furniture. The rooms are acoustically treated to provide a great listening and recording experience.

24/7 Access

The studios, mini kitchen, public restrooms and shower are open 24/7 for clients. The facilities are accessed by using personal keys.

Free Wifi

The facilities include a free wifi connection for studio users. No mobile hotspot required.


By renting monthly, you'll be paying only 10% of the price compared to paying by the hour for a studio.


Work on your own, bring in a partner or collaborate with other users. Members get access to our Lounge area for networking and free coffee.

Great Location

The studios are located only 3 kilometres from the city centre. Tram and bus stops are right outside the studio.

Pro Gear

Neumann TLM103 -Microphone

We've chosen the best microphone for home recording to cater for your sound recording needs.

Apollo Twin X and Focusrite Scarlett -Audio cards

Achieve great sound quality and run plugins directly on the audio card.

Genelec 8030 -Monitors

Finnish quality design and excellent sound.


How do I get access to the studio?

Members get a personal mobile key to the studio facilities enabling 24/7 access. One user can purchase multiple memberships to increase studio time in our shared studios.

How do I book the studio?

Sessions booked by users range from 1 to 6 hours. Only one session per member can be booked at a time.


How many users are there?

We have a limited number of membership positions open. This way every user gets enough studio time per month.


What kind of plans are there?

We offer plans with varying terms. Longer term rentals come with lower prices and shorter terms come with higher prices. We also offer hourly rates with an engineer.

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Where We Are

We're located in Vallila, an area near the city center of Helsinki.

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Phone: +358 451 382 305