Podcast studio in Helsinki

Podcast Studio

We offer a professionally geared and customisable studio for podcast recording. Book the podcast room by the hour or purchase a monthly membership to gain personal access to the studio. We also offer podcast production assistance for companies looking to promote their business.

What we do

All services in one place


We help with creating a concept for your podcast which includes the visual aspect as well as the content.


We assist in the technical side of things such as recording, filming and editing the recordings.


We create content from the podcasts ready to be posted on social media and your website.


1 Hour


Rent the podcast studio for an hour. 

Payment before before your session begins.



Rent the shared podcast studio on a monthly basis

Up to 24h each week

Are you a company looking for a partner in producing a podcast?

Reach out to us and let us know what you want to achieve with your podcast. We can help with acquiring a host, recording, filming and editing of your podcast.